Sales Management Services provides ongoing sales leadership for those businesses that want to establish accountability for sales results and keep their sales force on target. Typical tasks we perform during this type of engagement include:


Provide a forum to foster communication. Scrutinize the pipeline and forecast. Verify that agreed productivity goals are being met. Keep sales representatives focused and opportunities moving forward.

Lead regular sales meetings; regularly review sales pipeline, sales forecast, and sales productivity

Act as a sounding board for salespeople and offer tactical advice on current sales opportunities.

Coach salespeople on sales opportunities

Regularly interact with and provide feedback to corporate executive(s) on sales force issues (salespeople, hiring, sales opportunities, sales processes, customers, etc.)

Advise corporate executive(s) on sales issues

Identify individual and group sales skills gaps and provide appropriate coaching or training.

Build skills of the sales staff

Create rewards to challenge and motivate the sales representatives as needed.

Implement special incentive programs

Assist members of the sales department in interacting with executive management and other departments.

Coordinate internal resources

Analyze salesperson productivity and performance on a long-term basis. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of each salesperson and create individualized action / development plans.

Conduct performance reviews