For more than fifteen years, Sales Management Services has helped clients improve their sales organization’s effectiveness and increase revenue. Providing expert assistance with a wide range of sales management challenges, we work for company presidents, business executives, owners, and entrepreneurs who want to get more out of their sales staff.

As sales management practitioners and advisors, we help clients in the following sales force areas:

A range of sales consulting services customized to each client's particular needs. Structured on a project, interim, or part-time basis.

One-on-one sales management coaching for the company president, entrepreneur, or sales leader.

Pre-employment, individual, and group assessments to help screen candidates and increase the revenue production and productivity of sales forces.

Complete sales recruitment services for individual salespeople, sales managers, VP's of Sales, or sales teams.

A well-defined sales plan with specific sales objectives, ongoing measurement, appropriate motivation, and active management.

Guidance to keep a sales organization on track.

I hired Suzanne to assist me in strengthening the sales capabilities of my company. My experience with her far exceeded my expectations for both quality of work and execution.
— President, Software Company