Presidents and sales executives have particular questions they need answered from time to time such as:

  • What’s the best way to solve a particular problem?
  • Am I the only one dealing with this issue?
  • How do my peers solve the problem?
  • Does any one else ask this same question?
  • Where would I be able to find more information on that subject?
  • What are the hot topics in sales management today?

Sales Management Tips addresses the sales management concerns and questions of a broad based, domestic and foreign small business readership. We provide guidance for addressing problems within the sales organization, share relevant survey results, and recommend books and magazines for readers seeking more extensive information on a particular topic.

“As many business people do, I receive a lot of business newsletters. Most of the time I glance briefly, then delete. I do not do that when I receive Suzanne Paling’s Newsletter from Sales Management Services. I find the format as well as the content informative, easy to read, and pertinent to my small business.”

- President, Textile Company