Consistently meeting or exceeding revenue goals while overcoming market and competitive pressures requires clear direction and an effective sales force. Sales success is achieved through a well-defined sales plan, specific sales objectives, ongoing measurement, appropriate motivation, and active management.

Identify the top objectives for your sales organization, and a path to achieving the objectives.

Determine priorities

Evaluate the productivity, roles, and skills of your sales force. Assess overall challenges facing the sales force and make / implement recommendations for action.

Conduct sales audit

Define / clarify sales roles. Set productivity standards for salespeople. Set criteria for activities such as prospecting and giving product demonstrations.

Establish sales standards

Create specific milestones in the sales process, and formulate a system to summarize sales pipeline and salesperson activity. Examples: daily call report, productivity report, sales forecast, key opportunities report. Create or adjust sales compensation plans Devise plans aligned with company goals and quota requirements, with sufficient motivation for the salesperson and competitive with industry norms.

Develop or improve a sales reporting system

Pull all objectives, quotas, productivity standards, etc. together into one comprehensive plan.

Write a comprehensive sales plan