“Asked questions I never would have thought of”

“When hiring a new sales representative, Suzanne provided an unbiased opinion about the candidate, used a pre-employment sales assessment tool, and asked questions during the interview process that I would never have thought of asking. I now use some of those same questions when hiring technical people.”

— President, IT Company




"Suzanne, without a doubt is the most proficient, excellent, sales management talent that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. A+++++. I would highly recommend Suzanne for in depth sales management assistance for ANY corporation or business."

- CEO, Industrial Manufacturer



“Far exceeded my expectations!”

“I hired Suzanne to assist me in strengthening the sales capabilities of my company. My experience with her far exceeded my expectations for both quality of work and execution. Initially, I asked Suzanne to help me develop the role of our first full-time salesperson, create a compensation plan, and review applicants. Over time, Suzanne helped me hire three full-time salespeople, trained each one, and then worked with them over their first 6 – 12 months. She performed the role of interim sales manager for about three years until I hired a senior sales and marketing manager.”

— President, Software Company



"Right on the mark"

Though there was a general resistance on the part of the sales staff to the policies and procedures Suzanne put in place at my company, the actions that she recommended were right on the mark. Rather than coasting along everyday the salespeople now have a sales plan to follow and are able to coordinate their activities to meet the company’s overall goals. Because of this, I find managing the sales force much less stressful.”

— President, IT Company



“Responsive, detailed, and practical”

“I was introduced to Suzanne in connection with our search for a new senior sales executive. Suzanne promptly presented a responsive, detailed and practical proposal to coordinate all aspects of the search and hiring of the new senior sales executive. Her responsibilities covered all aspects of this search, beginning with detailed initial testing and evaluation of the existing sales force and processes, through the development of job requirements and description, coordination of candidate searches, screening of candidates, preparation of Board subcommittee for review of resumes and several rounds of candidate interviews, formulation of compensation structure, and finally prioritizing and then closing the desired candidate.”

— President, Manufacturing Distributor



"Couldn't have pleased me more”

“Suzanne helped us transform our low-performing sales team into a high-performing sales team in about four months. My two sales representatives were about 15% and 12% behind for the year respectively. Suzanne focused on teaching me how to hire the right people, then defining and formalizing our sales process. Both salespeople learned how to ask the right questions at the right time to formulate a strategy in proposing solutions rather than just offering blanketed solutions. The result enabled us to maximize our closed-won ratio as we systematically worked leads through our sales funnel – working the leads with real potential and not wasting time with the leads that would never produce.
The sales representative that was behind by 12% exceeded their year-end goal by 3%, and the one behind by 15% exceeded their year-end goal by over 8%. The next year one of the sales representatives exceeded their goal by over 15%, enough to put them in the next level of commissions. They ended up making more money than me, which couldn’t have pleased me more since it allowed me to achieve my bonus as well.”

— Sales Executive, Software Development Company



“Highly recommended”

“Suzanne and I have worked together two separate times. Although the situations and industries were different, her consistent, systematic approach has aided me tremendously. My original management style as a sales manager was as a ‘player/coach’ who tried to simply close deals and have the representatives follow my techniques. This proved to be limiting. While sales were initially ahead of projections, revenue plateaued as the team was too large to coach in this manner. We needed a process. I needed to manage the key steps in that process and hold the team accountable. Suzanne was a great aid in analyzing the sales cycle to look for crucial, measurable milestones which we could focus on while shortening the length of time to close new business. She not only helped me personally, but also the revenues of the team. Suzanne has a straightforward, logical communication style and is highly recommended.”

— Vice President of Sales, Medical Company