Don't Tell or Demand -- Ask (politely)

Lately, I've been receiving a lot of sales related e-mails telling me, the prospect, what to do. One company directs me as follows:

Learn about the potential benefits a smart mobile strategy can offer your business by clicking here...or by calling me today at...

Another lets me know when to contact them:

An appointment for 10:45am has been set up for you to learn about the latest in digital...

As a sales manager, I wonder about the success rate of these e-blasts.  How many prospects actually respond?  What percentage of readers delete the message before reading it? Has this company calculated a conversion rate for closed sales?

I advise sales reps to:

  • Let the prospect know you have some knowledge of their business
  • Briefly describe your product / service
  • Explain how it might be able to help them save / improve / decrease / increase
  • Respectfully ask for some of their valued time

Other than being surprised and aghast at the audacity of these organizations, I'm simply deleting the emails.  As a company, they aren't bothering to tell me how their product / service might help me and my business.

It doesn't make good business sense to me.