Sales Management Coaching -- Quick Drill

Sales managers -- try this quick drill during the next face-to-face or virtual staff meeting. As you know, many decision makers are over half-way through the decision making process by the time they start talking with salespeople.  This means reps have to add value to conversations or presentations -- above and beyond any information available on the internet.

Ask the reps to work in pairs.  Have each make a list of what they feel their drill partner  brings to the table in terms of value to a potential buyer.  Then ask them to write a list of their own value adds.

Each rep should read the attributes they came up with for their partner followed by those they wrote down about themselves. Keep a record.  See how many attributes appear more than once. Do several of the value adds apply to the entire group?

Once the list is assembled, sales managers can begin coaching the reps individually to work their value adds into emails, voice mails, and presentations.

It's true of all of us -- sometimes we don't know what we bring to the table until some one else tells us.  When this information comes from a peer, it often carries that much more weight.